How to generate leads

To generate leads, you need a good traffic source. Don’t go at it and get cheap traffic from Fiverr gigs. Be sure, that won’t work. You want high quality targeted traffic to promote your online business. If you’re promoting a fish product, you need to make sure you build an audience who is interested in fishing, build a strong relationship with them and then you can promote.

Several traffic sources can be good for lead generation. Some of them are:

These are all good sources for promoting your product. For storing leads, you want an autoresponder service, aweber is one of the best and they will not fail you. If you’re looking for a decent alternative, you can test getresponse.

Typically you’d test traffic from these sources, collect the emails with a capture page and this way, you can build your audience and market to them. We hope this helps! As always, open to comments!

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